If you had to play an instrument other than one you play now, which would it be?

  • If you had to play an instrument other than one you play now, which would it be?

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    That's an interesting question (personally) for me, as it is my life long goal to learn every (western) instrument; most to a grade 3 proficiency before I die.

    The top of my list for the longest time was the harp, but I finally began to learn that this past year 🙂

    When I'm back to learning a new one again, I think it will be either the bagpipes or the viola.

  • It would definitely be the cello. It is a beautiful instrument and I often find myself listening cello music while at work. Besides, it's in the same register as the trombone, so I could learn all my pieces on both instruments!

  • I always wanted to play cello - I learned the basics at McMaster when I first met Julian, as part of his string fundamentals class, he had to teach a student. But it was cumbersome and expensive - maybe one day. Right now, I'm working on guitar.

  • I would LOVE to play the alphorn. And no, I do not have aspirations of being in a Ricola commercial! The sound is so rich, and the instrument commands attention when seen. Also, there are quite a few alphorn concertos! It would be totally awesome. Here's a picture. Also, check out Swiss alphornist Eliana Burki, to see what is possible with an alphorn!


  • @shewis Alpenhorn Player on Stanzerhorn May 2019.jpg I did last year...….marctenorsax

  • @gordon I would like to learn and become quite proficient in performing on either the sitar or the tabla or both. I quite like how these two East Indian instruments have now become more incorporated / orchestrated within the Western Instrumentations in jazz / rock / classical style music.
    Like Dan and Lisa, I love the sound of the cello as well. That is another instrument that is also on my list.

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    For me, the instrument I would most like to learn is the French horn

    I find that it has an amazingly mellow sound, and I love how much it contributes to the quality of brass and woodwind quintets

  • And as @shewis will tell you @julian, the French Horn and the sax often play the same music so there'll be no need to learn a new part.

  • @gordon It would be taking the easy way out to stick to something with 3 valves ( and I like french horn) but I think a shot at flute or oboe would be interesting and a completely different approach for me. they both get some really interesting bits to play.

  • @gordon
    Played many an instrument. There are ones I know that I can not play...brass (tried playing Jason Czuba's trumpet and Jen Brown's trombone. Not happening!) and snare (I can play the gloc, bass, cymbals and kinda the quads from my BTTB years, and I did play Scottish tenor in my bagpipe years...but I know my limitations which killed my Dad because he was a snare). Honestly, I like unusual instruments (why I still play Recorder and took up Viola)...so since I learned to play oboe in high school, I would like to take up English Horn. It would be a challenge! If not that, then maybe saxophone...but that would be kinda a cheat as I understand that some of the fingerings are the same. Plus I do have access to an alto via Chris...
    Maybe I'll talk him into letting me learn it...lol!

  • @TeresaWhite played Viola throughout high school. If you ever want pointers...
    And as for bagpipes, one of the Cadet corps I use to work with (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada) teaches that instrument.

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    @Pualanasn Good to know. Thank you

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