If you could only play music written by a single composer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

  • If you could only play music written by a single composer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

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    Tough question! As a band, I really enjoy playing Howard Cable's music. It is tricky but sounds fantastic when it all comes together!

  • Orchestra - Mahler - Intricate, expansive, emotional, great trombone parts, who could ask for anything more.

    Band- Percy Grainger - Amazing arrangements of folk tunes to evoke the english countryside

  • Seeing as I am a pianist, I would have to say Bach. I studied piano as a teenager with a teacher who had a passion for Bach. I also loved listening to Glenn Gould’s recordings (he was still alive and very famous in Canada at the time) which inspired my own love of all things Bach.

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    Go see Amadeus. Now.

  • Being that I am a classically trained pianist, I would have to say Chopin, although Debussy is a close second.

  • @gordon as a pianist, Beethoven's music appeals to me - sonatas and concertos/concerti (?); thorough his compositional years, he made the transition from Classical to Romantic. Beethoven is considered a composer who set the precedent to what would become the development into the Romantic style in music history.

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    Frank Ticheli. The first piece I conducted for the BCB was Simple Gifts, arranged by Ticheli 😉

  • For piano, I'm classically trained, so Chopin or Beethoven.
    For band, I think I enjoy too many varieties of music to choose one composer for life! Big Band Jazz, movie scores, marches....I don't think anyone covers all these bases!

  • If you could combine Andrew Lloyd Weber and John Williams, you could keep me going for years. Some pieces I could never master.
    Tchaikovsky would be good for more classical days.

  • I agree with Lisa in that there are just too many great varieties from a number of composers to stick with just one but 3 near the top of my list would be Andrew Lloyd Webber, Leroy Anderson, and (for Gordon & I) John Phillip Sousa.

  • Okay...
    Could I suggest an Arranger? I love playing Jay Bacook pieces (i.e. the Bolero piece we played) and we have also played Robert Buckley arrangements. They both write their own compositions as well! So it us a win-win situation for us...
    BTW....Jay Bacook is the resident composer/arranger for Hal Leonard. He has written for DCI. Robert Buckley lives in Vancouver and has written for many artist like Michael Bublé and the Canadian Brass.

  • That's not what I heard at a recent concert, @julian. Are you sure you're right about that? 😉

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