Other than the BCB, what's been your favourite group that you've ever played with?

  • Other than the BCB, what's been your favourite group that you've ever played with?

  • I'd have to say the Mississauga Pops - not because of the people/culture, but because we had an amazing conductor, Colin Clarke. In my 20 years of playing in various ensembles (starting from middle school onwards), he was the most energetic, positive and constructive conductor I've ever worked with. He invited us to continue playing with him in his youth orchestra in Toronto but unfortunately we couldn't make the rehearsals reliably as I was in med school.

    Music wise, I've loved every jazz group I've been in, including the current less formal ensemble I play with in Hamilton. Also loved the pit bands I've played in and would like to get back into it one day!

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    I haven't played in many other groups, but I would honestly say the Halton Youth Symphony (with Janez). Even though it has changed conductors after I left, as well as changing names--it has a fond place in my heart. Band camp, good friends, a trip to Europe, and good music!

  • In university, I joined a choir - Oakham House Choir (at Ryerson). I sang tenor. We sang many pieces with a full symphony, but my absolute favourite was Mozart's Requiem. It's one thing to listen to the mass, but a whole different experience to be a part of it.

  • @gordon
    That is easy. Burlington Teen Tour Band.
    Member from 1982 to 1990.
    Flute and Piccolo. Part of the Yearbook Committee. R.J. and I tried to be part of the loading crew...but Charlie didn't like the idea.
    A lifetime of experiences, lots of friends...they are my Family!
    Looking forward to 2022, when we will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary.
    The Top Hats Marching Orchestra is made up of many BTTB Alumni, and we still continue to have fun...trading band stories while on the band bus.
    So glad that I was a member.

  • @gordon I was the piano accompanist for the Hamilton-Halton Chinese Choir (HHCC) from 2004-2010. In those years it gave me the opportunity for weekly rehearsals, and to participate in so many events; one of great significance - the annual Festival of Chinese Choirs in July held at the Living Art Centre, Mississauga. I even sang Tenor part in unaccompanied pieces; learnt some of the Mandarin words!
    I helped planned and coordinated concert events held at the Senior Centre to help raise funds for the Choir - "Autumn Showcase" (Nov. 2005); "Asian Night"(Nov. 2006) that included a fashion show; I was the commentator (as well as a model in Indian attire) when each model came up on stage. When HHCC celebrated its 25th anniversary Dinner Concert (Nov. 2008) "Silver Tones" (I came up with that name for this event), just having joined the BCB that year in January, I was able to get a Flute Trio - Elaine Whiskin, Tina Depko & Jennifer Vaughan - from the band to perform in the concert program to add variety. I performed Saxophone Solo (Alto) with some pieces from a James Bond 007 Collection with CD back up track; and Autumn Showcase 11 (Nov. 2010). The choir also participated in July 1 Canada Celebrations in Spencer Smith Park, and in the City's Multi-cultural event held at the Brant Recreation Centre; it also sang in ORMTA, H-H Fundraising event for Scholarship Fund . In 2010, I was able to entice the DOM and the Choir to enter the Rotary Burlington Music Fall Festival in the Community Choirs category, where the ensemble was adjudicated; HHCC got a certificate (marked 89%) with wonderful comments on their performance and attire!! Since 2010 was my last year as HHCC's pianist, I called that my "swan song".




  • @gordon In my early years in Toronto, I joined the RCN Reserves to play in the HMCS York band. Being an engineer, they couldn't understand why I wouldn't take a commission as a naval officer in electronics. Instead, I enjoyed the weekly practices which ended with Evening Quarters and the march past with our marching and playing. After that it was time for a beer in the Mess. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade was fun but often it was a survival thing in the cold. The best of all was summer reserve training. We came from different places to form a band in a training centre which happened a couple of times to be in Esquimalt BC, my home town. What's more, I was paid my engineer's salary by Canadian General Electric for those two weeks because it was the law! We did some recording and played concerts here and there. We played music similar to BCB's.

  • In my teen years I spent a lot of time with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and had the opportunity to perform in the Fort Henry Tattoo woth the HMCS Ontario band in Kingston

  • I love playing in orchestra pits for musicals, though I've been on hiatus since our second child was born. If I were to pick my favourite, it would have been the Hammer Entertainment production of Hairspray.

  • I have so many options...but feel I should give a shout out here to Anne Clifton. Back in high school, even though I wasn't in the music program, she gave me the form & encouraged me to audition for the first OMEA (Ontario Music Educators Association...I may have the "E" wrong, teachers can correct me) Provincial Honour Band. I auditioned successfully and had a wonderful few days with amazing high school musicians from all over Ontario and had a blast. (Not sure that Anne actually remembers that, but I do - so thought it would be fun to mention it - and say thanks again 🙂 ).

  • My high school band back in Seaford, NY

  • I guess it would have to be the Hamilton Tiger-Cat football club band where I played for about 30 years. I got into it right out of the (what is now) the Teen tour band through a colleague at work. When the leader George Houselander found out there was a new source of people who could march and play at the same time he was overjoyed! I have been to many Grey Cup games, frozen my butt off a few times, even got a tour to Philadelphia out of it but we were paid, and quite well if the game was televised. In the last few years all we did was sit and play during the games, getting paid to watch my favourite sport Canadian football.

  • @JaimeeEvelyn
    One of my Air Cadets, applied to work at HMCS Ontario as a Staff Cadet. Unfortunately, when he arrived, there was no lower brass, so he stepped in (he was a trumpet player). There is a video from the performance at Fort Henry that both of us performed at (I was part of the RHLI Regimental band)... he's easy to spot!
    The only one in an Air Cadet uniform wearing spats (playing tuba...of course)!

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    This is a tough question! I have very fond memories of my high school days. Our band travelled every 2 years internationally! I got to go to New Orleans and perform on the banks of the Mississippi river and I got to visit some amazing restaurants where some of the jazz greats once played. We also performed "Snakefence Country" and were adjudicated by Howard Cable himself!

  • I have fond memories of the McMaster Concert Band. Matthew Airhart was the conductor in the mid 80s. It was audition only and I didn’t study music. I learned so very much musically from the challenging repertoire and it brought me to a higher level. The parties and the social side was amazing as there were regular social activities. (Hint hint!) People from that band went on to become well known musicians within the community. Laura Thomas, Glen Brown are a couple of examples and of course our very own Mary Sobota and Paul Romanow.

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