Who is your favourite musician that plays your BCB instrument?

  • Who is your favourite musician that plays your BCB instrument?

  • Bill McBirnie

  • Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and James Galway

  • Commander William Riker ... ... ... or if you're looking for a real person, Christian Lindberg. Check out him performing the Motorbike concerto 🙂

  • @gordon My personal fav would be Moe Koffman . I was snuck into a bar by my cousins when I was 15 to see his performance (no mention on the alcohol). James Galway would be a close 2nd.

  • @gordon Hard to beat Arturo Sandoval for being able to do "everything." I have a soft spot for Chet Baker.

  • Besides JJ and K, the trombone greats, I was awed by Alain Trudel, one of a modern generation.
    His chops were so strong he could strike notes before his slide was in position, so it seemed.
    This allowed him to play extremely quick passages.
    I was fortunate to attend a low-brass workshop at McMaster that featured him.
    Some of his music is available on YouTube.

  • @gordon I have enjoyed listening to some of the great tenor and alto saxophonists selections from their albums that are often played on the Jazz fm 91.1 station: - John Coltrane, Charlie Parker (who, I have learned, would have turned 100 years old on August 29), Stan Getz, Wayne Shorter, Kamasi Washington, Sonny Rollins

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  • @gordon Zoltan Kalman, (check out his Carman Fantasy on youtube). I admire Robert Marcellus, Benny, Sabine Meyer who teaches ANOTHER favourite, Han Kim (in his 20s) and Gloria Uberto, age 13, who is already a virtuoso and circular breathes (like her dad). There are many more, but that's a good start.

  • A little tribute here to Darryl Eaton. One of Canada's great trumpet players. He played with us for about 5 years through progressively worsening Alzheimers disease. I paired with him on a stand most of that time and got to know him fairly well. Even to the end his playing seemed effortless and he could do things like pop a high D out of nowhere if the score asked it. At first I simply followed his lead (he never made mistakes) but as the years went by it became necessary to show him where we were after tacet breaks for the section. Once we got going, he did seem able to read even at the end but some times lapsed into what I am sure was playing from memory and not what was in the score. Never once though, even when he was improvising did he play a note that did not fit.

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