What is your greatest accomplishment as a member of a band?

  • What is your greatest accomplishment as a member of a band?

  • I have been very blessed to have five of my arrangements played by the band over the past few years. It has been extremely fun and I love doing it, and the feeling of hearing your own music played by a 50+ piece band is priceless! Thanks to Zoltan and @julian for indulging me! Here's hoping that I can continue once Covid decides it's had enough.

    1. Love Potion No. 9
    2. Also Sprach Zarathustra
    3. Never Enough
    4. Die Schlittenfart
    5. Star Trek: First Contact

  • My greatest accomplishment is having formed Sax'n Sync ensemble two years (2010) after joining BCB as a member. Since that time with some of my colleagues in the saxophone section (former ones who are no longer in the band, and newer members joining), this gave us the opportunity to feature the group (quartet - sextet) in private, public, and other organizational fundraising events outside of the band's seasonal concerts. As a group, it helped in awareness/publicity for the BCB. Also, I am so pleased to have Al Eady, with his knowledge and expertise in all things related to small ensemble performance, help plan and lead the group in a manner fitting to the occasion.

  • It was a great pleasure, and a wonderful accomplishment, to be able to play the Ferdinand David Trombone Concertino with the Burlington Concert Band, when I could still do such things. I think it was 2011, but I know it was at Compass Point. You do not get to do such things very often and I consider it to be quite an accomplishment.

  • Funny the things you remember. I paired on a stand with Darryl Eaton for most of his time in the band and at one rehearsal a fairly difficult passage came up which I suggested he should play alone but Darryl said no, both of us should do it. Lo and behold, the intonation and articulation from us was a perfect match and you would not have known 2 of us played it. We looked at each other with smiles afterward and gave a fist bump celebrating what I thought was my accomplishment, mirroring Darryl, but he graciously would not accept that I was following his lead.

  • Back in the 1990s I played flute and piccolo in a number of groups, but I was given a flute solo to learn and play with Hamilton ItaloCanadian Band. It was called Il Pastore Svizzero (The Swiss Shepherd) and was nearly ten minutes long, theme and variations. I played it with them a number of times through the 90s, and I appreciated the opportunity, and learned from it. I also liked being given flowers. 💐

  • @gordon
    Since you said "Of a band"...

    For me, it would be a "Youth Ambassador for Canada" , a title given to the members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band. I remember the first year that we did the Baltimore gym tour. Marching and hearing many people in the crowd saying "thank you" (I marched end, 2nd row - so I could hear them), referring to the Canadian Embassy rescue in Iran. As well, taking part in the 1987 Rose Bowl Parade. Practising in the early morning at the Burlington Transit bus depot (6 am start! And the only place we could play our instruments that early!!) before school, to perfect that one turn which occurs at the camera area. That is the year which I appreciated the benefits of Coffee!
    There are many other Tours, Parades and Events that I could go on about - local, Interprovincial and International, but for me, my greatest achievement is being a part of BTTB. I am grateful for all the support I received from Mr. Allan, Mr. Garnier, as well from all my "other" parents (aka Band Chaperones, BTTB Boosters, and fellow members' parents) and my friends from that time, which after 30 years are still around. I rediscovered the love of music (after being discouraged in the high school music program) and was instilled with the philosophy of discipline and dedication.
    I am glad to have been a part of "Canada's Musical Ambassadors".

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