What is your favourite Christmas Concert memory?

  • What is your favourite Christmas Concert memory?

  • My favourite was when as a a teen, we went to see the Canadian Brass for the first time - their Christmas Concert at Roy Thompson Hall. Afterward, I even got to meet trumpeters Fred Mills and Ronald Romm. Even got their autographs!can brass.jpg

  • @gordon Performing Sounds of Christmas VI at Compass Point Bible Church on Friday, December 12, 2008 (DOM Don Allan, and AC, Lynda Eady). It was the year I joined the BCB at it 100th anniversary. The guest soloist was Stephanie Domingues with her accompanist, Tyler Seidenberg. Rehearsing the Christmas concert repertoire with the band and the guest performers was indeed another new experience for me having successfully made it through the Spring Fling Concert ...

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    I always have fond memories of every Christmas concert; mostly because my grandparents would come to literally every one of them (from high school all the way to now). They have always had a huge influence on my musical life--particularly my grandpa.

    I will always hold last year's (2019 BCB) Christmas concert fondly next to my heart as the music we played was so much fun, but I went into it knowing it was going to be his final concert.

    In his final month (at hospice), he kept asking for me to play him the videos I had recorded of the BCB

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