What's your favourite Sammy Nestico composition/arrangement?

  • What's your favourite Sammy Nestico composition/arrangement?

  • Though I've never played it, I do like his "A Tribute to Stephen Foster". It absolutely drips with Americana and is a surefire way to evoke that aesthetic.

  • Not familiar with any of Sammy Nestico's compositions, I googled and came upon this one: The Queen of Schmooze from Nestico's Young Jazz Series. In reviewing the score this looks like a neat piece for the band to perform. I quite like the directive in how this piece needs to be performed: "In maintaining a jazz feel, eight notes should not be played strictly, but must have a lazy feel ... The feel of the Jazz idiom is the top priority."
    Just my style "lazy" ... and fitting to my persona (aka the Title); takes me back to sitting on the beach under a coconut tree ...😌 😴 !

  • Programming Committee

    @Dannomyte Yes it does drip with Americana, but all the tunes are very recognizable and makes a great audience pleaser. There are lots of exposed solos, some rhythmic variation and of course, there are some great horn licks, so Steve will be happy. I will put it on the music suggestion list I have been keeping.
    Have a listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6QStsqCbCc

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