What song or piece do you find the most romantic?

  • What song or piece do you find the most romantic?

  • @gordon For me, it is Rachmaninov's timeless classic Piano Concert No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18 In this piece the composer expresses a wide range of emotions. In the last movement - Allegro Schernando - the melodic theme (which has been adopted for the lyric title "Full Moon And Empty Arms") between strings and piano is so romantic!! When it returns in full orchestration with piano towards the end it just encapsulates the whole soulful human experience. And of course, I get lost in the 2nd movement, Adagio sostenuto, where it takes me for the most part to a place of reflection and solitude sitting by a gently flowing river.

  • We have only played snippets of it in the overture but I like " All I Ask" from Phantom. To really appreciate it you probably need to hear the whole song with lyrics.

  • If I were to pick from the band repertoire I pick The Phantom of the Opera.

  • I've always thought Rachmaninoff Symphony 2, movement 3 is just about the most romantic sounding thing. Rachmaninoff seems to do well on the romance front!

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