If you could play in a type of band or ensemble that you've never played in before, what would it be?

  • If you could play in a type of band or ensemble that you've never played in before, what would it be?

  • I've played in most groups my instrument would be suited for - but never a marching band which would be pretty awesome (see Gordon, you have march allies 🙂 ). Although I'm also thinking of those New Orleans style marching bands which are less disciplined and more fun 😉 .
    Outside of my trumpet, I'd have to say being in a barbershop quartet has always been a casual aspiration - sadly I've never seen any women in a barbershop quartet, only a capella groups which isn't really the same thing.

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    @lisa-yl female barbershopping comes under the name of Sweet Adelines. These are generally larger choruses, but within a chorus there are often several quartets. They are always loads of fun. There are local groups, too.

  • @lisa-yl
    Let me know whenever you are ready to march..lol!

  • @gordon
    Actually, if I could I would like to either 1) join Drum Corps (but it would be as Colour guard...Haven't spun a rifle in years or be in the pit with the toys...lol) or 2) a female barbershop group (my younger sister does this - last time I sung was back in High school). Actually, I am a big fan of Enka (introduced to me during the 1990 Japan/Hawaii Tour)...would love to sing that style.
    I have marched with BTTB, RHLI Regimental, and continue to do so with Top Hats Marching Orchestra.
    I was part of a children's choir, and through that sang in "Carmina Burana" (in latina no less!), performed in a city-wide high school production of "Jesus Christ Superstar ", and played in my high school's orchestra.
    So there is not much I haven't experienced, however I am open to suggestions!!!!

  • Dixieland would be my choice. The careless feeling that comes from good playing right through to the madcap, let it rip, would feel good.

  • @lisa-yl I marched a bit with the Newmarket band just a few years ago. We weren't really great marchers, and there weren't really enough of us, but it was fun. I would like to do that in a bigger group. New Orleans style: yes, that looks and sounds fun. Klezmer group? Again, looks and sounds fun, probably not marching.

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    @lloydr Dixieland and Klezmer are both lots of fun. They can both incorporate improvisation if the players are so inclined. I play bass with Dixieland Plus here in Burlington and with a Klezmer group in the Niagara area. I feel privileged to be able to learn about both styles of music when I play with each group. The trumpet player in our Klezmer group has just moved out of the area. and I don't know if they are looking for a replacement.

  • @joanner Thanks. I can say I'm eager to play with a group--any group.

  • Barbershop Quartet! "Baby on board, How I've adored, That sign on my car's windowpane." I think it would be a riot.

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