What have you missed most during the pandemic?

  • What have you missed most during the pandemic?

  • I have missed planning on my calendar the weekly Monday evening rehearsals with the band at the Music Centre. If we were engaged in a Zoom screen time as the alternative that definitely would not have been the same as sitting in person besides my saxophone colleagues/friends and from across the other band members engulfed by the emanating waves of warmth and enthusiasm in preparation for a concert in a real-time environment. Not being able to get together with my Sax 'n Sync friends at my place or at the Eady's to enjoy the performance practice sessions in a more intimate setting has since the lockdown left a void that I am hoping will once again be filled in the not too distant future.

  • I’ve missed going to the movies, I miss going out for dinner, I miss playing in the band with my bandmates, I miss hugging my parents and my friends and family, I miss not being able to go to a friend’s wedding in Mexico, I miss not seeing one of my dearest friends celebrate her 60th birthday this year. I’ve taken so many things for granted that I will not do that again once this pandemic is over. And I look forward to playing with the band again!!

  • I miss being able to plan a schedule with more certainty. Currently, whenever I schedule an appointment or engagement, I do not know if it will pan out, or in some cases, will be a virtual or in person appointment. I also still have my old schedule holding places on my calendar so, if I make a new commitment, it won't conflict with an old one in the event it resumes. It's kind of like living in limbo.

  • My 2 year old grandson who we haven’t seen for over a year except in video calls.

  • We don't have young children, or senior relatives in seniors homes, so we are more fortunate than many. We have stayed healthy. Our son and daughter-in-law got married at RBG in August--30 people "outside" in a tent without walls. And we've seen them a few times since (they now live in Brantford).
    Having said that, I miss the band, and I may be itching to play in more than one group. We had a pretty simple routine, which I miss: mornings someplace where I can get coffee while Laura shops. Sometimes combine with grocery shopping for both of us. Then not every day, but sometimes someplace for lunch. On nice days, drive to the water for the view. We have regained a bit of this schedule, but not all of it. I also used to drive and then walk somewhere--part of the Bruce Trail or whatever.

  • Playing music with others, spontaneous in-person hangouts and hot yoga. But these are minor concerns as we have our health, and even though our jobs have been much more stressful, I am very grateful to be able to work and have the resources to maintain connections with my loved ones.

  • I have missed being with my fellow band members (both bands) as well as being able to perform (whether Concert or Marching band). Of course, I miss working as Mohawk College has gone virtual...
    It has been actually one year since I have worked! As well, I was active with being a Minister of the Word and Minister of the Eucharistic at Mass. I really miss the interaction with others...

    However in this past year I have been able to move "back" to Burlington, and my baking activities has taken a huge leap during this past year. Becoming a Grandmother has taken the edge off this isolation period, as I have been able to see my Granddaughter a few times. I am lucky to have great support in Chris and my daughters. I am truly blessed!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

  • Programming Committee

    Conducting in front of a real, live, concert band. The other day I was listening to some concert band standards and it brought back those feelings of joy that I didn't realize I was missing!

    Whether or not I was conducting in front of my TV, I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

  • I miss interacting with people in person, at work, spending time with my family/friends and being involved in all the BCB activities. I will be very happy when I no longer have to interact with people through video conferencing.

  • What does miss the most about the pandemic is going out and watching live music whether it be a small or larger venue. Attending with friends together at these events, enjoying one another’s company is definitely missed.

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