Is there anything you've enjoyed about the pandemic lifestyle?

  • Is there anything you've enjoyed about the pandemic lifestyle?

  • Since I was spending more time indoors through the pandemic, in order to keep my mind engaged, I enrolled in an online Poetry Circle class in fall 2020; I am still keeping up with this activity. Each week connecting with new people - who I have come to know so well overtime on Zoom - and us sharing poems by other authors/poets as well as our own I thoroughly enjoy. PC provided me with an outlet to be more creative in expressing myself through words in poetic form.
    An assignment inspired me to compose a piano piece to go with it. An acrylic artwork that I did also inspired me to write a poem (the assignment was to write a poem on a painting / on a famous artist).
    I take this opportunity to share my creativity.

    POEM: It Was copy.pdf

  • Briefly put. No.

  • The motivation to spend more time outdoors even in the wintertime!
    Also things that should have been clean actually being cleaned regularly - work computers/phones, high touch surfaces etc! Can't imagine how gross they were before and I was always washing my hands even pre-pandemic.
    There is always a bright side :).

  • I’ve had a lot more time to organize my life. And having a regular exercise routine once the gyms opened again. I walk and bike a lot more than I ever did before and just generally making time for myself.

  • Not having to drive to work everyday in traffic. 🙃

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