If you could go on a summer vacation this year, where would you go?

  • If you could go on a summer vacation this year, where would you go?

  • A River Cruise on the Danube tripping the light fantastic to Straus' waltz by the same name.

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    @Kamara Paul and I have booked one for next summer. It is a bucket list item so we hope it can happen. Amsterdam to Budapest is our main itinerary with a few extra places thrown in before and after. We hope to take in some fabulous concerts while in Vienna.

  • @joanner and @Kamara - Julian and I went from Frankfurt to Amsterdam a couple of years ago on U by Uniworld (prices and itinerary aimed at millennials 😁) and it was amazing. I'd like to go the other way to Vienna eventually one day!

    @gordon - we missed out on Newfoundland with just one little one last year - not sure I would try it with two under two so:
    With the kids - an all inclusive 😉
    Without the kids - Crete, Bali or Japan - don't think they could handle the flight 😛 .

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    @lisa-yl we used to take the kids to Fern Resort in Orillia. At that time they had amazing children's programming and entertainment. It was a real vacation for everyone as Paul and I got some time to ourselves and we had lots of time to do awesome things with the children. Three meals a day all provided was a real treat for me.

  • It's not the pandemic that prevents me from this vacation, but my age. The first place that occurred to me was Algonquin Park's interior. We made several canoe trips back when. We still talk about the experiences. Do the physical things while you can.

  • @lisa-yl Newfoundland is on my 'bucket' list. Some friends of mine went on a seniors' tour and remarked how beautiful the places on their itinerary that they went to; and the people that they met who lived in the towns/villages/city are so friendly/accommodating.

  • @joanner I was looking into into those resort-type vacations last year when we couldn't do NFLD - we ended up at an AirBNB in Gravenhurst. We're doing another cottage this year in Guelph which has a pool for the kids to enjoy.
    @kamara yes, I am keeping my itinerary so we will just delay to another year :). Lots of hiking and beautiful scenery and culture is a major draw!

  • I wish I could go back to Vermont. Perhaps some year...
    P.S. I still have in mind it would be great to do some sort of exchange with the Burlington (Vermont) Concert Band!

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    @shewis excellent idea. Let's wait till covid is in our rear view mirror then let the planning begin!

  • I have been lucky to travel a lot during my years in BTTB. Places, if I could go back to them, would be...

    1. Baltimore

    The annual 4th of July gym tour! I would love to explore (at my own pace) Inner Harbor , the Naval Academy and Washington.
    2. Itabashi
    The 1990 Japan/Hawaii tour was my age-out tour. I would love to be able to wonder through Tokyo and its different neighborhoods, ride the Shìnkasen, and explore Japan.
    3. Myrtle Beach
    Spent my March Breaks here...
    The band's annual trip to Williamsburg/Myrtle Beach which I always looks forward to (except in 1987 when the band was in Ireland). Home of KW restaurant, Waccamaw Mall, and golf (Mr. Allan always packed his golf clubs and there was tons of mini put courses)...staying at the Sand Dunes hotel and marching on the sand. Lots of memories here...
    Honestly, I am now looking forward to the 2 trips planned by the THMO Executive for our band once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Mackinac Island and Salem....here I come!

  • I was originally booked for a Rhine/Moselle river cruise in October 2020. That of course got cancelled and rescheduled for right now but if it is even happening there are just too many restrictions to consider it so It is now booked for June of '22. Hope I can make it. Same deal with a week in Bermuda, my favourite vacation spot which is now scheduled for the end of October '22.

  • My niece is getting married in Atlanta this summer. I am praying the border will open and I can go. It would be awesome to see my family!

  • @joanner @shewis that would be a great trip to look forward to if it ever comes to fruition. Perhaps at some point collaborate with the L.A. Symphonic Pierce Winds, i.e. if they're still in operation, as an opportunity to visit that city.

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    @Kamara I like your thinking!

  • This year we were planning a European trip, but it has been postponed. I would one day like to see Canada's far north, like the Yukon in one of those small driving camper vans.

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    @clarplayr said in If you could go on a summer vacation this year, where would you go?:

    Yukon in one of those small driving camper vans.

    I hope you have CAA on speed dial 😆

    I mean, I'm handy enough to change a tire, but driving long long distances where the nearest soul is hundreds of kms away, yikes!

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    @Marie-Limanni I'm letting my fingers crossed for you

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