What's your favourite piece you've played with the BCB and why?

  • Steven Hewis: Before I played French Horn, I played trumpet in the BCB. During my tenure there, my favourite piece was "Highland Cathedral". Solemn and stately, it's a melody, it makes one want to do their part for their country! After I joined the horns, my favourite piece so far has been "Snake Fence Country", by Howard Cable. Bouncy, fun, and indicative of country life! Let's get out of the city and do some orienteering!

    Ashley Grieve: I really enjoy supporting local musicians. I enjoyed performing "Illuminations" by Ryan Meeboer when the Burlington Performing Arts Centre first opened as well as performing "Triumph" by Michael Stanlake.

    Lisa Warren: I like the musicals. Joseph and phantom. They remind me of high school being able to actually see them.

    Gordon Cameron: I'm sure you're all going to guess it would be a march. Well you'd be right, but it's hard to just pick one. I also really love playing Dances with Wolves. It's got a really beautiful clarinet part.

    Julian Lam: English Folk Song Suite, it was a blast to conduct and the band did an amazing job performing it 😁

    Sherrie Kerr: You’re asking me to remember the names of the music we play. There was one last year that sounded jazzy. And the flutes got to play some jazz! I cannot recall the name of it. Perhaps another flute remembers?

    Linda Yamamoto: I liked playing the Joseph medley and if I can count the flute ensemble I liked the jazz version of Country Garden.

    Stephanie Shipley: The Les Miserables medley. I think we played it valentines concert 2018.

  • I had to take some time to think about it.
    Over the last year, I would say: What Up at the Symphony? and Cowboy Christmas

  • Sherrie: Was it "Baroque and Blue"?

  • I'm very tardy in answering. Maybe not a popular answer because of the shear volume of times we've plaid it, but after all these years I still love Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson!

  • @Dannomyte I agree with you about Christmas Festival. I first played it in 1970, and I'd only been playing flute for three years, and the busy flute part during Oh Come All Ye Faithful seemed so impossible at that time. I still like the piece.

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