What's your favourite BCB Memory?

  • What's your favourite BCB Memory?

  • When the LA Winds came to play a concert with us. They were fabulous musicians, friendly and put on a great show!

    1. Performing for Princess Margriet and WWII veterans at RBC. It was honour to play for her and the veterans and a fun venue.
    2. It's not a single memory but I always love playing on parade!

  • @gordon
    Have a few, but here's one.....
    I remember playing a piece under the Colonel which then Mr. Allan decided we were going to play in Teen Tour (I was in both bands as it was close to my age-out year - Japan/Hawaii tour was my last gig with BTTB). There was a flute solo which I asked if I should play it as fast as John did in BCB. Mr. Allan said no, and I ended up messing up the part on my first try. I was so embarrassed!!!

  • My first time playing with a celebrity was back in 2005 (I think), during my first go-around with BCB. We played a concert with legendary jazz vibraphonist Peter Appleyard. According to Bill Jerome, then band member Jim Guthro was a personal friend of Appleyard, through the CBC, and was able to arrange his appearance.

  • @gordon I had posted on FB my memory of performing Five Mellow Winds in the Fall 2010 concert. It featured the Sax Section performing with Don Allan on Clarinet. I was only a member for 2 years with the band. Since I see that post has since been removed, was I too long winded on recounting my memory on how I felt performing that piece?!

  • One year Cliff got out the "Scottish Rhapsody" by Howard Cable. It featured a trombone solo. One practice night I was the only trombone but Cliff had us go through anyway. As the solo time approached, I could feel an anticipation of failure. However I got through it including the high B flat note. After, I saw Cliff do a small, discrete hand clap which I cherish.

  • Somewhat similar to Jerry Ford's recollection I remember what was probably my first time coming out to band under Cliff Hunt. There were only 3 or 4 trumpets there but cliff called out Amparito Roca. I expected Eric Ford, then leading the Teen tour, who could play rings around me, to play the first part and solo but even though he knew nothing about me he said I should do it. Fortunately I had played it before in the girls and Boys band and possibly the early days of the concert band before Cliff. I got through it without a hitch and Cliff liked me ever since then.

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