What's your favourite BCB concert venue?

  • What's your favourite place that you've played with the BCB, and why?

  • I thought that playing smack dab in the middle of Brant St for Sound of Music was pretty fun. Challenging, but fun.

  • Similar to Dan, my favourite place is the BCB float - Santa parades, and SOM parades. Witnessed some of the biggest audiences we've had!

  • My favourite place in the BPAC with BCB presenting it special fall concert on September 2014 "A Tribute to Don Allan, Burlington's Music Man" followed by the post concert meet and greet in the lobby for audience members to offer Allan 'best wishes". It was a memorable celebratory event as it featured the BTTB as special guest performer; Bobby Herriot, (Allan's longtime friend), conducting Don Allan March and Don Allan Salute, as well as it introduced incoming DOM, Zoltan Kalman as Allan's successor.

  • Programming Committee

    By far, the best performance venue I've played in was the Burlington Performing Arts Center.

    When you've been rehearsing your pieces at the music centre, and get to hear it for the first time at the BPAC with its superior acoustics, there's nothing like it 🙂

    Too bad it costs an arm and a leg!

  • I have to agree, the "Farewell" concert that we did to honour Don Allan is one of my favourite. Mr. Allan will always hold a special place in my heart since I am BTTB Alumni (1982-1990). During the intermission I ran into so many of my Chaperones, especially Mrs. Lilly who took me under her wing after my Mom died. I got the biggest hug from her and also Mrs. Burnip. So many other Alumni that I marched with attended, so I got to spend time with them.

    The other Concert that I will always remember will be the Royal Command performance for Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. Although I wish that I could have worn my Veteran's uniform for that concert, I was able to talk with the Veterans from my Regiment as well as the C-Co Regimental Cadets. I was grateful that we were well received by them.

  • My favourite venue is the Central Park Bandshell. There's something magical about playing an outdoor concert on a soft summer's evening that just makes me feel that all is right with the world. It was also the "big stage" in Burlington when I was growing up and one that I've been playing on since I was a kid. So many great memories.

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