If you could pick the theme for a BCB concert, what would it be?

  • If you could pick the theme for a BCB concert, what would it be?

  • @gordon. I would like to see a concert of social significance. Music that made us think to be better. The coca cola song. Imagine.....Olympic piece....music from the south. Raise me up. Any kind of music that sends a clear message of hope. Venue...absolutely the PARK. Maybe even the gage park band shell. One more song what do you do with a drinking sailor cause they too need uplifting music out east haha

  • How about an ALL Canadian theme? Howard Cable, Howard Shore, Vince Gassi, David Marlatt...and of course Steven Hewis.

  • Halloween!!

  • Classic British Military Band music. Both Holst suites, Vaughan Williams folk song suite includingSea Song, Jacobs William byrd suite, Grainger derry air and country garden, or Lincolnshire posey, Dambusters March by Coates etc.

  • You know I'm going to say a Beatles theme! If not The Beatles, how about a march theme (just kidding, I hate marches!!!), or a theme of Oscar songs

  • Programming Committee

    At the Movies

    Timeless Classics


    From 0 to 60 (start with a REALLY slow song, and each song gets a little bit faster; or every song speeds up)

    A Trivial Concert--which also gets the audience involved (have a contest where each song has a question related to it. It could be answered in person or in the program. Maybe a winner for the person with the most correct answers)

    Bands Around the World

    Musical Mania (all musical songs; maybe more on the songs standing by themselves rather then a medley)

    Once Upon a Time

    Back in the Day/A History of Music

  • @TeresaWhite I like the trivia idea - I think it's been tossed around as an idea before, but never implemented. Anything to get the audience more involved!

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